Mittwoch, November 01, 2006

Linsen und Spätzle / Lentil with Pasta

Dieses Rezept hab ich vor ein paar Wochen schon mal auf Deutsch gepostet. Ihr könnte es unter dem Titel „Schwäbisches National Gericht“ finden. Aus dem Grund verzichte ich drauf es auf Deutsch ein weiteres Mal zu posten und werde es nur auf English posten.

This recipe has I post a few weeks ago in German the first time. If you are interested you can find it under the title “Schwäbisches National Gericht” on my food blog. Because of this point I post this recipe only in English.

Lentil with pasta

What do you need for making the lentils for 3-5 Persons?

500g dry Lentils
100g bacon
1 Onion
2-4 laurel cloves
Salt and pepper

At the evening before!!. You have to do the following things

First of all you have to soak the dry lentil. What you have to do is this. Take a dish and put the dry lentil in. Know you fill water in until the lentils are covered.

At the day later/the following day you put the lentils with the water were they have soaked into a pot. Put also some bacon, onion, cloves and the laurel cloves in the pot. Then put some salt and pepper in and let it cook for about an hour

How to make the pasta for 5 Person

What do need for making the pasta? There are two ways to make pasta. The first way is to take the pasta you find in a supermarket. If you prefer this? You have to do the following things.

What do need for this???

500g pasta
1 big pot
Salt and water

Put some water into a pot. Salt the water and bring it to boil. When the water is cooking put the pasta in and let it cook with for about 5 min.

The other way to make pasta is to make it self.

What do you need for this??

500g Flour
5 Eggs

A ricer
A dish

Put the flour in a dish. Now put the eggs and a dash of salt in and mix it all by hand together until it bubble.

Take a pot and fill with water. Salt the water and bring it to boil. When the water is cooking put some of the dough a ricer and squeezes it down. When the pasta swims on the crown of the water skim it with a wire.

Know put the pasta in a dish. Repeat this as log as you have dough

I hope that I my translation of this recipe is “ok” so that you all can try to cook this really delicious meal. If you wonder what “Spätzle” are?? Spätzle are a typical sort of pasta witch comes close to Stuttgart.

So looks the ready meal :-)